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A1 Trainings is one of the best Angular JS Online Training Institute in Hyderabad india. Join our Angular JS online Training Classes and Get trained By Real time experienced Industry professionals. Practical sessions will also be provided for hands on experience. We provide training courses ideal for students ,software and administration professionals. Our training sessions covers all information from basic to advanced level

Introduction to AngularJS
What does AngularJS do for me?
Who controls AngularJS?
How can I get AngularJS?
Our first AngularJS application
A basic application
Using angular-seed
The pieces of the puzzle
Two-way data binding
How it fits together
How much of the page is an Angular application?
Model, View, Controller from the AngularJS Perspective
Where Controllers fit in, and what they do, from Angular's perspective
Managing Scope
Setting up Behavior
Building a basic controller
A more advanced controller
How to create a model
Explicit models
Implicit models
Angular's take on the View: a little bit different
Tying a View to a Controller
Tying a View to a model
Expressions are lightweight code snippets
Expression capabilities
The border between expressions and $eval
Standard filters
Writing your own filter
Tying filters together
What are scopes?
What do scopes provide?
Scope lifecycle
Scopes as glue between controller and view
Scope hierarchies
Scope and events
Angular Forms
Angular forms vs HTML forms
Angular form controls
Form events
The form controller
Form validation
CSS classes for form data
Ajax, Data, and Angular
High level interactions with servers
Low-level server interactions with $http
The deferred/promises API
Teaching HTML new tricks
Binding text and attributes
Directive processing lifecycle
DOM Processing
A basic directive
Directives and scopes
Creating reusable directives
Turning directives into components
Testing in Angular
Unit testing
Working with Dependency Injection
Other unit testing issues
End-to-end testing
Angular's E2E testing framework
Commands and expectations
Controlling what happens before and after the test
Running a scenario

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Highlights in our training service:

Here All faculties of us have experienced the joy of training and trained Resources is available throughout the world. Training leads to better understanding, new knowledge, skills and expertise. Our real time experienced trainers fulfill your dreams and create professionally driven environment. we will develop the Acquaintance with production, development and testing environments. Our trainers assist in Resume preparation, enhance interview skills, sample live projects, Assessments, clarifying doubts, providing materials, explaining bugs and critical issues, development activities, encourage innovative thoughts etc;

A1 trainings is one best online and class room training center in Hyderabad,We are also providing training in India, usa,Uk,Canada,Japan,Malasia,Singapore, Australia etc.. ;

A1 Training provides flexibility to the students while choosing online classes, classroom trainings, corporate trainings, overview of courses and their scope. ;


Course Name : Angular JS Training 24*7 Technical Support
Duration : 30 hours
Faculty : Realtime experience

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