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A1 Trainings is one of the best DoubleClick Online Training in Hyderabad india. Join our DoubleClick Training Classes and Get trained By Real time experienced Industry professionals. Practical sessions will also be provided for hands on experience. We provide training courses ideal for students ,software and administration professionals. Our training sessions covers all information from basic to advanced level

Double Click for Search

What is Double Click Search?
Double Click Search Overview
Campaign Setup
Double Click Search Advertisers

Login & Navigations
Manage advertiser DC
Manage Floodlight DC
Traffic Ads

Campaign Creation
Campaign Edit
Campaign Upload in DS
Sync Engine Modification in DS

Sync Engine
Why Sync in DS?
Schedule sync
Account Audit
Inbound sync
Automated Bids

Bid Strategy Creation
Bid Strategy Implementation
Override a bid strategy
Bid optimization systems
Performance Reporting

Report Generation
Report Scheduling
Labels Creations
Report on engine
Floodlight reporting
Double Click for Publisher (DFP) Training Course:

Double Click for Publisher

What is DFP?
IAB Standards
Ad Tags & Network
Third-party partners

DoubleClick Ad Partners
Video technology
Mobile third-party
Rich media
Qualified Services
Traffic and Inventory

Inventory management
Ad Tagging
New Orders
New Line items
Ads Creatives
Forecasting and Audience
Delivery and reporting

DFP Optimization
DFP Reporting
DFP Monitor delivery
Account Administrator

DFP Network settings
Users and Teams
Labels and policies
Conversions and activities
Networks & set Up
Sales & Mobile

Partner management
DART and Sales Manager
DoubleClick For Advertiser (DFA) Training Course:

Double Click for Advertiser

What is DFA?
IAB Standards
DFA for Mobiles
DFA Ad Tags
DFA Tag Types
Double Click Main Tabs


Double Click Admin Tab
User Profiles
User roles
Double Click Advertisers Tab

Advertiser Groups
New Advertiser
Double Click Advertisers

Creative Assets
Double Click Campaign

New Campaign
Ad Trafficking Steps

Media Plans
Ads Creatives
Ad Traffic Sheet
Publisher Tags
Universal Search Box
Double Click Reporting

Report Central
Double Ad Exchange Training Course:
Double Ad Exchange

What is Double AdX?
Why Double Ad Exchange?
Real-time Market
Real-time Bidding System
Essentials of Campaign

Create Campaign
Campaign Accuracy
Revise Campaign
Delivery and budget
Deal types
Conversion tracking
AD Exchange Real-time bidding

What is Real-time bidding?
Working of Real-time bidding
Bidder protocol
Campaign Enabling (RTB)
RTB Requirement
RTB Agencies
Winning bid value
In-stream video
RTB Bidding tab
Ad Exchange auction model
DoubleClick Ad Exchange Mobile

Mobile inventory
Mobile Technical Creatives
Mobile Ads Campaign
Mobile Apps Targeting
Mobile Apps Exclude
Mobile Content Target
MRAID Mobile Target Inventory
Mobile Categories Target
AD Exchange Preferred Deals

What are Preferred Deals?
Set up Preferred Deal
Negotiate Preferred Deal
Preferred Deals Search
Reporting Preferred Deals
AD Exchange In-stream Videos

Serving in-stream Ads
Create a third-party Ads
In-stream video ad
In-stream video targeting
Exclude YouTube Video
Monetizing YouTube Markets
VPAID ads and Skippable ads
Serving HTML5 video creatives
Billing and payments

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Course Name : Double Click 
Duration : 20 hours
Faculty : Realtime experience

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