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Web Analytics Training

A1 Trainings is one of the best Web Analytics Training Institute in Hyderabad india.  Join our Web analytics Training Classes and Get trained By Real time experienced Industry professionals. Practical sessions will also be provided for hands on experience. We provide training courses ideal for students ,software and administration professionals. Our training sessions covers all information from basic to advanced level

Web Analytics
1.Introduction to web analytics (30 Mins)

Why measure is required for all digital marketing initiatives?
Why web analytics is a must?
2.Google Analytics and Google Webmasters (5 Hours)

How web analytics work?
Installing tracking code, adding accounts, profiles and users
Configuring Filters and what’s their usage
Important dimensions and metric provided by GA
Visitors Entry

How users land on your website?
Identifying Traffic and keywords which bought them?
Search queries users used to land on your site?
Interpreting visitor behaviors and demographics
URL tagging with Google URL tagger

How many pages your visitors visited and why?
How to identify best page and worst landing pages?
Google search rankings for individual pages (Google webmasters)
Identifying bottlenecks which prevent conversions.
How to make your site favorable to Google Search Engines?

How users exit your website and why
How to reduce drop rates and increase conversions
Page Paths, Goals & Funnel visualization
Reports, Creating dashboards and automated emailers
3.Google Adwords (2 Hours)

How adworks works?
Smart keyword research through 4P’s of marketing
Creating Ad campaigns
Ways to get more ad clicks.
Bid management.
Calculating your conversion rates and budget for the same
Linking Google Adwords with Google Analytics.

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Course Name : WebAnalytics 
Duration : 35 hours
Faculty : Realtime experience


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